Foulis Ward Archive Drawings

The exhibition has moved from the Chelsea Old Town Hall to the coffee shop at the Royal Brompton (event info here) – the Cystic Fibrosis Trust wrote a great article about the project here which reminded me to put up a few of the photos of drawings made on Foulis Ward in 1987 by an artist known only as ‘B23750’ – these photos of drawings were found in the archive of my flatmate’s grandfather, Sir John Batten, after his death. Sir John Batten founded the first adult CF unit at the Brompton in 1965.

The history and architecture of Foulis Ward has been a big part of the project, and little notes like “Violet’s going home today!” and “Take off to the moon with Becotide, atrovent, ventolin and saline” and drawings juxtaposing medical paraphernalia with flowers are a great insight into the shared history of Foulis Ward. Coming across this archive material by accident was amazing.