it comes with the sunlight

It comes with the sunlight 1.jpg

“we’ve two horses in the field, in the morning you hear them snorting and walking through the grass and you hear the’s just all these lovely gentle noises kind of wake you up…it comes with the sunlight” – Marcella

Patient Marcella was recorded by Karen from rb&hArts, talking in response to some questions I sent her about the different sounds she hears in hospital and at home.

Marcella has a beautiful Irish accent and spoke with such insight about the two environments – sometimes she would come out with an unusual phrase, the first of which (“it comes with the sunlight”) I’ve picked out in wire – she describes the different way that sound wakes her at home and in hospital. I loved the way the wire feels like someone else’s handwriting and how when moved around it creates a fleeting shadow presence – like her memory of waking somewhere else, or her transitory stay on the ward.

In the project more generally I’ve had the chance to experiment with text as art- a suitably ‘long form’ medium for a project that touches on physical distance.

Watch the video here


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