Sleeping visitors

Rooms on the same ward, two family members of someone with CF, two years apart.

Debbie sent me a photo of her husband asleep next to her. I thought it seemed so similar to a photo I had sneakily taken of my dad in almost exactly the same position in 2014. The echo fitted so well with the theme of this project – spaces inhabited by people with so much in common, who never meet each other.


Debbie’s Visitor


pigeon walk proto1 edit.jpg

Debbie told me that her husband has to travel some distance to visit, so he stays in the hospital accommodation. This got me thinking about visitors from the outside and how precious they are, and the contrast to time spent alone in the room. I made this short video from a photo Debbie took of a curious pigeon outside her window Рa minor event that, if you were getting on with your daily life, you would probably not even notice.

This project is the first time I’ve worked digitally, creating real paintings on paper and scanning step-by-step and this is the first animation where I’ve made small models and taken a ‘stop motion’ approach, giving the pigeon his comic waddle.

Tea with Angus & Tom

Cup .jpg

On the ward, the tea trolley comes round a few times a day, mostly you end up with a stack of paper cups like this one, drawn from a picture Tom sent me. Angus sent a picture of his own ‘real’ mug that he had with him . I imagined a virtual cup of tea two people might have shared if they had been able to meet.

I made the video ‘Tea with Angus & Tom‘ by morphing the drawing of mug into cup – you can see on the image above the ghost of the mug’s handle.