High Windows

One of the photos that I asked participants to take was the view from their bed to the window. The hospital was built in 1841 for Tuberculosis patients – the high ceilings and  windows would let air circulate. The ward was turned into single rooms several years ago, but they are still unusually high-ceilinged which I like. And I like the old sash windows – cumbersome but giving a long view of the outside. The sound of the window being opened or closed is a very un-hospital sound.

Sometimes you can look out of your window and wonder how many hundreds of times the previous and subsequent inhabitant of your room saw or will see the same subtly differing view.

I made my first short video of the sky colouring inside the frame of the window, from a  photo Angus took. Watch it here

AMI window edited.jpg

“Rather than words comes the thought of high windows” – Philip Larkin




Could you bring my pillow?

When you’re an adult with CF and you get your treatment at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, chances are you’ll be an inpatient on Foulis Ward sooner or later – and over the (usually couple of weeks) of your stay that one room becomes a little world, so you might as well unpack your stuff…

Top of my list – my pillow. Goodbye practical but unlovely NHS pillow, hello snuggly  goosedown. And a good stack of books.

stripy pillow edit